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About Us

Our company started its activities in the footwear sector as of February 2015 as Domestic Production.
In this process, we have a factory organization that still continues to produce for many corporate companies.
With the positive feedback of the products we produce in a short time, it gave rise to the new brand.
In this way, we have started to sell retail with our EATALYSHOES instagram page, which became active in 2017.
Being our own manufacturer of products is one of our biggest advantages, and our biggest goal is to bring you the latest products that determine the fashion.
It has always been our principle to serve you better. We are always moving forward to be a world brand to do better.
While our website is now in its final phase and has a short time to open, we have often postponed e-commerce to do better in this process.
We are now just a click away and ready to serve you 24 hours a day. In this process, we are waiting for your mails to in order to play a role in getting us to better places by defining all your suggestions, satisfaction and complaints.